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In our garden shop you will find everything related to tending the garden.

We have Lawn & Garden Fertilizers including many feeds specialised for specific plants or varieties, e.g. Tomato, Orchid, Ericaceous, Potato & Roses.

Along Insecticides and Fungicides both conventional and organic.

In the seed range we have both vegetable and flower seeds from leading seedsman King’s and Thompson & Morgan. We stock grass seed in 3 grades, No.3, No.5, and Shade mix, in quantity’s as small as 500 grams. up to 25 kgs.

There is a wide selection of crop and garden protection from Fleece to Fruit Cage netting, weed block and climber support net, greenhouse Bubble protection, shade netting, these are all sold from the roll by the linear metre, so you only buy what you need.

We’ve propagation products, seed trays, pots of all sizes, trays, composts, perlite, vermiculite & propagators.

In tools we hold a wide range from Wolf and Kent brands, including secateurs, loppers, shears, spades, forks, hoes, rakes, axes, saws and knives.

There are vermin control products for rats and mice.

Wellingtons, waterproof booties and shoes along with gloves for every job and hand.

There are gift ideas, solar lighting and water features, statues, bird baths, sundials to choose from.

Plus, much more, so it’s worth coming in to look around.

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