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As the days shorten and nights draw in, the colder weather returns. Increasing rainfall and damp days along with winds and frosts herald the end of another gardening year.

Before you retreat indoors there are some tasks to complete to get the garden ready for winter.

Leaves and debris to sweep up and tidy away from lawns and the garden beds, consider putting a ‘Mulch’ over vegetable and flower beds to enrich the soil and protect the roots of plants from the severe weather.

Take indoors the tender plants to a greenhouse or conservatory. If you can’t move them the wrap them up in some protection, Fleece or Bubble wrap.

Pots outdoors need lifting onto feet or spacers to raise them off the ground and wrapping in bubble wrap will stop frost from damaging the pot and protect the root ball of the plant inside the pot.

Here at the Garden Centre we can supply all your needs to get ready for winter be it Mulch, Fleece, Bubble wrap, Pot feet and greenhouse heaters plus many other ideas.

This is also the time of year to on frost free days to plant new trees, shrubs and bare root hedging which are in stock from the middle of November.

Finally, don’t forget the wild birds which over winter more than any other time of year need your help to survive. Get stocked up with seed and treats for them. We have a wide range of feeders, fountains and trays along with wild bird seed, sunflower seeds & hearts, Fat balls and tray feed.

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